When you're one of the most famous athletes on the planet, you have to know that no matter where you go or what you do, chances are high that somebody is going to have a camera pointed at you watching your every move. Its one of the unfortunate side effects of fame especially in the social media day and age. Just going out to enjoy a game will get you scrutinized and talked about as is the case here.

Patrick and Brittany were seated courtside at a Texas Tech basketball game.


Its no secret that Patrick loves his alma mater Texas Tech and he was in Lubbock courtside enjoying a game with Brittany. Again, when you're one of the highest paid and most famous athletes in the world, you will have someone from the TV production staff whose job it is to just FOCUS ON YOU and your EVERY MOVE. So, the ESPN broadcast highlighted Mahomes' attendance which seems like no big deal, as a matter of fact, its EXPECTED, but the talk is more about his interaction with Brittany that has the socials in a tizzy again.

A Tweet Of The Video Is What Got Everyone Fired Up With Speculation


According to Fox 4 in Kansas City, sports blog "Barstool Sports" tweeted the clip of the couple with the caption "America's Favorite Couple" and many began insulating that the couple was "arguing". As social media "lip readers" and others piled on with their opinions, Patrick took to Twitter himself to defend his fiancé'.


Yes, people are weird. Hell, I'm feeling weird writing this but I understand what they are going through. It must be hard to have every single interaction with someone you love be the subject of public discussion and speculation. While we know Patrick's brother, Jackson and at times Brittany herself, have gotten themselves in social media hot water, sometimes folks just need to relax and let folks live their lives. But I applaud Patrick for standing up for his lady.

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