I love candles so when I get a new one I want to use it, but it is unlikely you do what you’re supposed to do and first and foremost trim the wick.

In an interview from Today with candle-maker Alia Raza, she says you should first cut your candle's wick to about a third of an inch, and that the first time you burn a candle it should be for "about two hours or more" so that "the whole surface of will burn evenly so it won't create those dips."

Yankee Candle's website states, "Keeping their wicks trimmed properly will help your candles burn fully and last longer. Specifically, your candle's wick should be trimmed after every four hours of burn time." And it's not just a ploy to get you to buy more candles according to Yahoo.

This two-hour rule ensures the entire top layer of wax melts, so it dries smoothly instead of creating a hole that your wick can get lost in.


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