I stumbled onto a new form of relaxation today, the salt cave, and immediately I wondered why we don't have one in East Texas. After all, we do have a salt palace in Grand Saline.

The town of Grand Saline, Texas is built on a massive Salt Dome, one that is expected to last another 20,000 years and is 16,000 feet deep. In fact, salt mining in the area dates back to the Civil War.

Morton Salt currently owns the mines, and while they do not operate underground tours, the Grand Saline Salt Palace, which is constructed out of actual salt blocks, houses a museum with memorabilia and video tour of what goes on underground.

With that said, why is there not a Salt Cave relaxation center in Grand Saline? It appears to me that the town is missing out tourism dollars. According to the Austin Salt Cave's website, "Salt has antibacterial properties and can create an environment within your body that is unwelcoming to microbes, all while not causing irritation to the mucus membranes. A natural way to aid in the treatment of illnesses, salt will lead to a healthier you."

So why don't we have one in Grand Saline? It sounds like someone needs to build a hotel spa. It could become a destination like the Baker Hotel once was in Mineral Wells, TX.

There are already plans of building a bigger and better Salt Museum to Grand Saline. Anyone interested in investing in a hotel spa?

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