Let's be honest, guys, it reads more like a utility company than a makeup store. I thought it was a bank for the longest time.

“LMFAO my dad is going through his bank statements and goes, ‘what’s U-L-T-A? $275? Is that utilities?’ And my mom goes, ‘yeah I payed [sic] the bills’ and he said thank you. Lmao I AM SCREAMING,” she wrote.

My wife and I do this. Go through our bank statement quizzing each other over charges. The only thing is I never knew you could lie -- has got me rethinking a few things.

But we've got to admit it, mom played this pretty smooth. And judging from the retweets, over 157,000, folks can relate.

So, time to spill, what's the best lie you've ever gotten away with at home? We promise not to tell.

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