(Amarillo, Texas) - Our state is, as we all know, a very special place to live in. So many eccentric personalities, tons of history, and so much to do. Did we mention the delicious food?

Yes there is truly something about food in Texas that just makes it magical. We're not entirely sure what makes it best, but we're sure that Lone Star flair helps it out. That and the fact that the items made in the state are certainly bigger in size.

Perhaps following the mantra of the state, eating in Texas requires the stomach to be large and empty. Food challenges aren't a new thing in the Lone Star State. So let's travel back to a place we've discussed before, where one very famous individual made a surprise appearance.

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The Big Texan With A Big Surprise

We travel back to Amarillo, Texas to once again find ourselves at the Big Texan Steakhouse. Why once again you ask? Well, remember that 72 Oz steak challenge?

Now, as amazing as completing that feat is, we won't be talking about someone succeeding at it. Instead, a special guest has appeared.

Would you ever expect Sherlock Holmes to show up at a steakhouse in Texas? If you don't there's video evidence!

Wait hold on, that isn't Sherlock Holmes, that's Will Ferrell! What's a movie star like himself doing in Texas, and in a costume no less. With the camera all around it's hard to imagine they aren't filming something.

Well, it looks like only time will tell!

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