Hollywood has taken an unusually reserved approach to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but analysts say they don't expect the restraint to be permanent. Read the entire story at USA Today Life.

This week, Warner Bros. pulled the Matt Damon thriller Hereafter from Japanese theaters because of a graphic opening scene that depicts a tsunami laying waste to a coastal city. Officials estimate that the real-life quake and tsunami claimed at least 10,000 lives

So far, few seem interested. Clint Eastwood, who directed Hereafter, says he's fine with having the film pulled from a market that has become crucial to studios. "The devastation and loss Japan is facing is almost incomprehensible," Eastwood said in a statement.

I know everyone is keeping the people of Japan in their thoughts and prayers. There are many celebritys, country singers, and popular network television shows that are doing their part to raise money and support. What are thoughts?

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