Big D and Bubba have been on a trip of a lifetime, traveling to United States military bases in Japan to entertain our military men and women in uniform. They teamed up with the USO to make stops at Camp Fuji, Camp Zama and Yokosuka. Tagging along were comedians Carly Aquilino and Jessimae Peluso.

Each night at each base, Big D and Bubba were on stage with their game night. It's best described as the radio show but live on stage and you can interact with them. Karoake is even known to break out.

Big D and Bubba have been keeping us up to date on their social media pages, too. If you're not following them on Facebook, here's what you've missed.

Big D and Bubba will be back in the studio tomorrow. We'll need to keep them active because they'll probably still be hung over from that jet lag. We'll get all the stories from their trip all morning long.

If you have family in the service, remind them that they can listen to Big D and Bubba on AFN.

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