More and more we are hearing and seeing celebrities encouraging your vote on November 6, so what's the big deal? Mid-Terms matter, and it's important to educate yourself on the facts to make an informed choice.

It's easy to sit back and listen to political ads on television or read stories that may or may not be true on the internet, and to listen to those around you repeat things that see and hear on cable news networks.

What requires more effort is digging into the issues and voting records of your elected officials and their opponents. To make it slightly less challenging, one of my favorite news sources has created a series of links to educate us on the issues, candidates and more. The Skimm is a daily newsletter that I subscribe to because of it's concise news blurbs, linking to credible sources, its lack of bias, and its wit.

I also appreciate that they encourage us to vote. They have rolled out a voter commitment campaign in their newsletter, with the aforementioned links to help their readers educate themselves. I'm committing to vote, and committing to educate myself on the issues, as well as the voting records of our elected officials to compare them with the values that I hold most closely.

This is my small encouragement for you to explore and educate yourself through credible avenues, and to take the time to think through your values and how they align with those of your potential political representatives.

Happy reading and voting.

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