You know, I've been somewhat envious of people who get a surprise baby. Like you see in movies or on TV, when the woman's water breaks in the middle of the night, then she and the dad have to make a mad dash to the hospital, still in their pajamas. My kids were all been born by scheduled C-section, nothing exciting there. To oversimplify it, it's like going to a doctor's appointment and coming out with a baby.

“I had to get on the phone and call 911, because in my head I was thinking, if I was going to deliver a baby I was gong to need some help,” said her husband, John. “Turns out, I didn’t need any help at all because she did it all herself.”

This story, though, makes me less envious. According to our news partners at KLTV, Haylee and John Velez's son, Lincoln, just couldn't wait for his mom and dad to make it to the hospital. Fortunately for him, his new mom has some experience with births as Haylee is an EMT at UT Health EMS, and has delivered a couple of babies. So no big deal, right?

Haylee told KLTV that she “just put my feet up on the dashboard, did what I knew how to do, and before I knew it, he was here!”

Lincoln arrived at 6 pounds and 12 ounces on February 26 near the Starbucks right on 69 in Lindale. After he was born they met UT Health EMS who were able to handle it from there. Congratulations to the new family.

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