A member of a Fort Worth mosque contacted police on Sunday to report a threat from a woman wearing a 'pride' t-shirt.  According to the police log, the caller contacted authorities after a woman in an SUV shouted for members of the mosque to "get out of America" and that someone would be coming back to kill them.

Fort Worth police are investigating the threat.

The Islamic Association of Tarrant County issued a statement Sunday saying that the Muslim community is "very much outraged by the shooting in Orlando.”  Dallas-area Muslim leaders also held special prayer services for the victims of Orlando killing spree.

Meanwhile, Garland police are investigating a possible terroristic threat after a Muslim man reported that he had been threatened by a driver in Richardson on Friday.

Omair Siddiqi was travelling home from work when he says he was verbally assaulted by another driver who then attempted to force his car off the road, nearly killing him.  Police are searching for the white pick-up truck, which was adorned with anti-Muslim stickers.  Siddiqi said that the man shouted, "I'm gonna f---in' kill you" and "take your rag-ass back to your own country" before attempting to ram his vehicle.

Siddiqi, who is American, said "Islamophobia is real here in Texas and it's on the rise."

CAIR-DFW says it receives about three to five reports of potential hate crimes each week.

Regarding the incident in Orlando, Dallas-area Muslim leaders held a press conference yesterday, alongside members of the Jewish and Christian communities and city authorities to decry the violence.

“On behalf of the Muslim community, we stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community,” said Omar Suleiman, a resident scholar at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center. “We completely reject this hate and this fear that outsiders seek to instill within our community, within our country.”