The joy of a mother being reunited with her children is beautiful, even if we're not from the same species.


A report from NEWS4SA, details the miraculous story of a woman who rescued 4 baby squirrels after their home was destroyed.

It was an average day for Melissa Frankiewicz until she heard the screams of a squirrel who sounded like it was in distress. Melissa noticed that tree trimmers were at her apartment property and she began to investigate.

"I went over and asked if they had seen any squirrels and they had believed one died. So, I asked them if they saw any more to let me know," she said. "I had to do something. It was heartbreaking and then hearing the chain saws I knew what was going on."

Soon enough the workers returned and showed Melissa four baby squirrels in a shovel. The babies had fallen from the tree, and one had a small scratch on his arm. Luckily for them, Melissa is a veterinary specialist with over 18 years of experience.

Melissa brought the little ones inside, then fed and cared for them overnight. Every few hours she would bring the babies outside so that they could call for their mother and ensure that she stayed in the area.

Once morning came, Melissa once again took the babies outside to call for their mother one last time. Melissa located a tree not too far from the others that were recently chopped down and found the babies' mother.

The mama squirrel would not approach the box that her babies were held in, so Melissa decided it would be best to give her a hand. One by one Melissa handed the babies back to their mother.

I have to be honest, I completely melted. The compassion between the two was undeniable, and I feel as though I seriously watched a miracle. Thank goodness that Melissa was around to help. Brb, crying.

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