There are two things most kids are obsessed with: Nerf guns and Guinness World Records. I know, you too, right? Well, now our two childhood loves are joining forces, less than two hours from Tyler, TX, and we can all go play this Christmas in Dallas.

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Jared's Epic Blaster Battle: The Largest Toy Battle in the World returns to AT&T Stadium this December, and guys, it will take place on the actual NFL field where The Cowboys play, covered in radical obstacles.

The event was recognized by Guinness World Records as the “Worlds Largest Toy Pistol Fight” in 2016 and the record still stands to this day. 4,000 participants battle amongst 100+ large obstacles on the field of the worlds most valuable sports franchise inside of a billion dollar climate controlled arena

On top of being able to indulge in all our childhood Nerf fantasies, we get to play on the actual Cowboy's field. How great is this?

Ticket prices are $32 each. According to event organizer Jared Guynes, you won't find ANY ticketed event at AT&T Stadium at this price point, "my unique event is so cheap to attend it’s the same price as the Cowboys own “self guided stadium tour” which is also included in the cost of my events admission."

Guys, it's the same price as a self-guided tour of Jerry World, only now you get to take part in an epic battle on the field -- and you can still go on the self-guided tour. I am sold on this event. I am in. My only regret is missing the first seven battles.

World's Record Largest Nerf Battle Will Be TWO Hours From Tyler, TX

Jared's Epic Blaster Battle 7: The Largest Toy Battle in the World returns to AT&T Stadium this June, and guys, it will take place on the actual NFL field, covered in rad obstacles

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