Face it: during travel, everyone gets a little heated over something. Whether it being late to the airport, not getting coffee before the flight, or something out of our control. But most of the time, a deep breath will calm our nerves and help us remember we're all trying to get somewhere.

But it does indeed sometimes happen that we need to vent our frustrations, and we turn to various different ways to decompress. Some listen to music, others read, and many might turn to their phones.

Social media can be a way for individuals to air out something right? Airports in the nation are no stranger to anger directed at them on the internet. But what about social posts in the state of Texas and their airports?

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Trouble In The Texas Airport Terminal

We've all done it. Sent an angry tweet to someone or something. But remember that tweet will be noticed.

Now, they might not be put on a pedestal per say, but the data is there for when somebody send a post about anything. Forbes Advisor has the data in regards to airports in the nation and their customers' frustrations. So the question now becomes..is a Texas airport on the list?

Yes, multiple airports landed on the list sadly. But one found its way into the top ten, and it's located in...San Antonio! But why did that airport land in angriest on social media?

A combination of factors were listed, including TSA, Weapon, Officers, Firearm, and Broken. So it seems like the San Antonio airport has some work to do. Deep breath everyone!

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