Can Rip have a happy ending? Will Monica leave the Duttons again? Is Thomas Rainwater capable of the extraordinary acts of violence against John Dutton's Yellowstone ranch? These are a few of the questions we had for the cast of Yellowstone during a recent media day.

Taste of Country caught up with actors Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille and Gil Birmingham ahead of Sunday's (Nov. 7) premiere on the Paramount Network. We also pressed them each for their favorite fan theories, and while you see Hauser's (Rip Wheeler) response in the video below, we cut out Asbille's — but don't worry, you can find it here. Here's a video recap of each interview, followed by more information regarding Season 4 and each character's future on the show.

Rip is a tremendously appealing character to women who watch Yellowstone, something Hauser admits he recognizes, with something of a chuckle. The reasons, he tells Taste of Country, are numerous.

"I would say loyalty, honor, love — those three alone," he says, listing qualities. "I think the kind of passion that he has for Beth, and the way he loves her, which is unequivocal."

While it never seems like anyone is safe on the show, the actor says he feels secure week to week. Asbille does too, adding that she's looking forward to seeing how and if Monica can once again be the pure moral compass on the show. This quality fractured across Season 3.

"Beware of the company you keep, I guess," Asbille says, laughing. "The Duttons are starting to rub off on her. But it's good. In some ways, she's always felt like an outsider and been very wary of the family, and I think especially when she sees how it takes hold of her son ... oh, she's willing to fight, you know."

More from these interviews will be shared as plot points of the current season of Yellowstone are revealed publicly. One finds pieces of each character on the face of each actor, especially Birmingham, who speaks with a steady reverence of the indigenous people he's portraying.

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