When you mention Yellowstone, most likely you are referring to the hugely popular modern western on Paramount Network and not the national park that covers Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Season 5 kicked off on Sunday (November 13) with two banger episodes building up the drama and excitement of what's to come the rest of this season. One small town in North Texas is excited for the new season as well as their town will be the backdrop for an episode. That filming will take place tomorrow (November 15) in downtown Venus, Texas.

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Venus, Texas' Movie and TV History

Venus, Texas, huh. You've probably never heard of it. The town has a population of just over 4,300 people and is located about six-ish miles southwest of Midlothian. The thing is, this will not be the first time the small town will be the backdrop for a scene in a high profile show or movie. The shows Bonnie and Clyde and Walker Texas Ranger and the films Trip to Bountiful and Born on the 4th of July used the town for some scenes (WFAA).

The mayor of Venus, James Burgess, posted in the Venus Express Facebook group about the filming which takes place on Tuesday, November 15.

Post from Venus Mayor on Venus Express Facebook Group
Post from Venus Mayor on Venus Express Facebook Group

Would Be Cool if Kevin Costner was There

The whole downtown area will be closed for the day as filming takes place. The only details given about the scene say it involves a podium, a stage and 150 or so extras gathering to hear a speech. Could Kevin Costner be delivering a speech of some kind? That's only speculation but would be pretty cool.

Location of Yellowstone Filming - Google Maps
Location of Yellowstone Filming - Google Maps
The buildings really add to the square and are historic. Everyone is really excited; Yellowstone is very popular right now. I'm a huge fan. - Venus mayor James Burgess

While the downtown area will be closed down, it may be possible to park somewhere close by and walk to the filming area to get a glimpse of the scene. Its too late to be an extra as that casting call has already happened and has been filled.

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