Of course you think your baby is the cutest baby on the Earth. Nothing wrong with having that biased. Now you have the chance to show off that cutest.

Your baby could become the next Gerber baby according to fox4news.com. All it takes is a photo showing off your baby's smile and a video featuring his or her personality. The winning baby will be the next spokesbaby for Gerber foods and receive a check for $25,000.

To upload your photo and video, go to photosearch.gerber.com. You will have until February 21 to sign your baby up. Judging will begin on February 28.

There is a short form to fill out with some contact info, social media links, etc. There is also a cool map that shows roughly how many people have entered per state.

Take this perfect opportunity to show off your beautiful baby. Here's to hoping your son or daughter could be the next Gerber baby.

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