We all know that Texas is a gigantic state with lots to do and see at all hours of the day. It’s really just about deciding what you want to do, there are museums, shopping malls, and lots of sports stadiums to see a game. But if you want to disconnect from the stress a little bit and see some of the beauty that Texas has to offer then let’s look at some of the most beautiful places that aren’t as busy as some of those other places we mentioned.  

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There was an article recently created by The Travel that highlighted places around Texas that are not very busy but still have tons of natural beauty to enjoy. Which is exactly what most of us want with our free time, just to relax and enjoy the beauty around us. Sure, there will be other people at these locations, but they won’t be as busy as the traffic in Dallas or Houston.  

Sometimes It’s Nice to Just Getaway 

The locations listed below are spread out across the lone star state, some are going to be a short distance away and others might be better for an extended weekend so you can truly enjoy all the beauty that these locations have to offer. But you’re not going to be disappointed visiting any of these locations.  

Let’s Look at the 10 Gorgeous Locations 

If you’re wanting to see the natural beauty of Texas on display, then you’re going to want to make a plan to visit of of these 10 beautiful places. Or just visit all of them.  

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If you're wanting to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Texas, then you will want to visit one of these places.

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