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In the 'old days' if you had things from around the house that you wanted to get rid of and make a little money off those items you'd have to host a garage sale. That meant taking the time to gather up all of the things you no longer wanted or had use for, price it all, set it up in the garage or your driveway, and sit back and watch the droves of people show up and go through your stuff. Then you'd have to negotiate with them over the price you put on that two-dollar blender and answer the 'does it work' question about forty-five times before someone buys it.

Garage sales are still happening all across East Texas and we're going to be seeing more of them in the coming months now that spring is just around the corner with more favorable temps. However, if you've got just a few things you would like to part with but not enough to host a full-blown garage sale, many East Texans turn to Facebook Marketplace to unload the stuff they no longer have use for.

The Marketplace makes it easy to list those few items. Most everyone has a Facebook account these days and while they're doom scrolling they just may happen to cross this marketplace, just like I did, and get lost in the hundreds of thousands of things that are for sale by other East Texans. After looking at this for a few moments today I noticed there is no shortage of firewood anywhere around. Someone is selling a crap ton of this stuff.

While looking through what's for sale right now, I noticed there are quite a few random things that East Texans are trying to sell off and make a few bucks on that someone else will consider as a good find and may save some money when they negotiate the price down in their favor!

Check out these 12 random things I found from my doom scrolling adventures this morning.

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The descriptions were taken straight from the online ad - spelling, punctuation and style. The only one I added comments to is the fluorescent lights and cement ads.

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