For those of us who over 40-years-old, a new study suggests that a three-day work week may be the best way to keep employees most productive.

In a new study in the Melbourne Institute’s Working Paper Series researchers from Australia and Japan looked at how working hours affected cognitive abilities of 3,500 women and 3,000 men over 40 years old in Australia.

Our findings show that there is a non-linearity in the effect of working hours on cognitive functioning,” the research said. “For working hours up to around 25 hours a week, an increase in working hours has a positive impact on cognitive functioning. However, when working hours exceed 25 hours per week, an increase in working hours has a negative impact on cognition.

But if a 25-hour work week isn't in the cards for you, don't quit your job just yet. According the study’s findings our cognition performs better when working 40 hours a week than it does not working at all. Certainly something to keep in mind if you were contemplating throwing in the towel all together on any type of work week.

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