Mondays tend to get a bad rap most of the time, but why should they? They're just another day of the week, shouldn't they get a fair shot at being awesome too? Try thinking about some of these reasons to love Mondays from now on!

Let me start with a disclaimer, I tend to dislike Mondays as much as the next person, but sometimes it's good to re-evaluate your opinions on certain things. We're taking small steps here, so we'll just start with some reasons why we should all hate Mondays a little less.

1. It's a Great Start to the Week

Monday morning. Your alarm goes off earlier than you'd like it to. You have zero motivation to get out of your comfy bed. You don't know what you're wearing to work. You haven't been to the grocery store and have no food for breakfast, much less to bring for lunch. But why should that make your whole day a struggle? Embrace the Monday morning feeling and use it to be productive. Make a list of everything you need to get done and cross things off as you accomplish them. Plus, a little planning ahead never hurt anyone!

2. It's a Time to Catch Up

No, I don't mean catching up on sleep. I'm referring more to the idea of catching up with friends, family and co-workers. Find out how their weekends were and what they did. Share with them what happened over the past weekend. Maybe you'll make plans for next weekend with them to do something you both love to do. It's as easy as having a conversation.

3. Speaking of Conversations...

We all know Mondays can be difficult, but we probably all know that one person who walks into the office and makes everyone smile. Granted, they might be the one bringing in the coffee or breakfast, but regardless, they put a smile of everyone's face. Why not strive to be that person? Strike up a conversation with your co-workers or the cashier when you're picking up lunch, smile and be friendly - you never know if you could be the reason their whole day turns around and gets better!

Now go out there and make the most of Mondays, they aren't as awful as everyone says, as long as you remind yourself that they are just another day of the week. And Happy Monday, y'all!