Who loves to cuss? Here in Texas the answer is basically all of us. In fact according to a new study, folks in Austin, TX really f#ckin' love it. And who wouldn't? It just feels good.

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You do know that it's been proven by science, that people who cuss regularly are more honest than those who don't. So be weary of your Ned Flander-esque coworker, that dude is probably a serial killer.

So as that goes, you might be surprised to learn that the people in Columbus, OH are apparently among the most honest people you'll ever meet, they swear on average of 36 times per day. Which is very impressive, that's 11 more vulgarities per day than the highest rated city in the Lone Star State.

Results from this new study found that people in Dallas swear on average of just over once per hour, clocking 25 potty words every day. Meanwhile their neighbors to the west in Fort Worth are racking up exactly one curse per hour, at 24 per day. And the saintly folks in the capital city of Austin, we'll they've got some catching up to do, they're only throwing out an [expletive deleted] 21 times per day.

But the good news, all of those numbers are enough for Top 10 in the U.S. Way to go Texas!


And just in case you need more convincing that you should be cussing, according to Healthline it's good for us:

  • Studies show cursing during a physically painful event can help us better tolerate the pain.
  • Experts say using curse words can also help us build emotional resilience and cope with situations in which we feel that we have no control.
  • Swearing can also provide a range of other benefits, including as a means of creative expression, relationship development, or simply as a way to allow different identities to harmonize by signaling that you’re relaxed around the other person.

Happy cussing, y'all!

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