It's always better to be safe than sorry, so why not do a little extra to strengthen your home security?

Security alarms serve a great purpose, but sometimes you just want to feel a little safer. These simple tricks could help make you and your family feel more confident about the safety of your home this fall.


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    Keep Fliers and Mail Inside

    Try not to let fliers hang out on your front porch or let your mail stack up in the mailbox. If you let too much mail accumulate, it might look like your on vacation to a burglar. Helpful hint: have a neighbor get your mail and watch your porch for fliers or packages while you're on vacation!

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    Keep the Yard Clean

    Having too many messy shrubs or overgrown grass can also make your home look like the perfect burglary target. Make sure to keep your yard looking good to keep your home safe!

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    Use Timed Lights

    Another easy way to keep your house safe is to make sure there are lights on and make it look like there are people at home. Try setting your porch lights and maybe a few lamps inside on timers to come on each evening, and to keep your electrical costs down you can use fluorescent bulbs.