These South Broadway Walmart Employees earned some serious praise from one Tyler, Texas woman--and for good reason. This is why.

It has become somewhat disconcerting, really. It seems like every other week at least we hear about another story of someone dealing with a stalker and/or a potential thief at one of our East Texas stores. We've heard stories about these kinds of things happening at our Target stores, grocery stores, and Walmart.

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Recently, a Tyler, TX woman posted in a local social media group forum regarding a similar experience her daughter and her best friend had at the Walmart location on South Broadway in Tyler. However, this story comes with a happy ending, thanks to a couple of kind, conscientious employees.

What happened to this woman's daughter and best friend at the South Broadway Walmart location in Tyler, TX?

A Tyler-area woman named Amanda Marie shared an experience her daughter and best friend had at Walmart on December 19. She said they'd gone to Walmart and found themselves being followed around the store by a male stranger.

What truly raised the red flag was the fact that this man didn't have any merchandise with him, as one would expect for someone shopping, right? Amanda said her daughter told her the man stared at them as they made their way around the store.

For anyone who has had a similar experience, you know how concerning that can be. Thankfully, it ended well.

Here's what Amanda had to say about the awesome response from a couple of the Walmart employees:


"After checking out, they notified a lady that works there that they were uncomfortable and sure enough the mysterious man rounded the corner staring at them. The worker saw him and immediately stepped in to protect them. She called a large, strong male worker over and he said “don’t worry I got y’all”. He escorted them to the car and made sure they were safe.
Thank you thank you." ~Amanda Marie on Facebook

What a relief! And a sincere shoutout to these employees who demonstrated caution and care for the customers. Their intervention may have prevented something truly terrible from happening. Well done.

Have you had a similar experience you'd like to share? Feel free to send it over to

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