For whatever the reason, people are desperate to depart with some of their once dear prized possessions, so desperate that they're giving them away for FREE on Craigslist East Texas! In most cases all you need is a truck to haul these things from someone's house or property, but in other cases you're gonna need a tow strap, a wench and a trailer!

Check out some of the things we found from the FREE category online at Craigslist East Texas!

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    Posted in this listing is one Pontiac Fiero from the 80's! Looking at Wikipedia, Pontiac produced around 350,000 of these cars from 1984 - 1988 and only 1 in 1989! Looking at the pics of this Fiero, it reminded me that my 1989 Pontiac Grand Am because it had the same wheels! This isn't the only abandoned, untitled vehicle that is available though, this person wants to get rid of three more vehicles!

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    Free Couch (Tyler)

    This poor couch seems to have seen better days! Described as having all kinds of things spilled on it from their three boys and cats, it miraculously has some pretty sturdy cushions says the owner. The covers though just need to be thrown into the washing machine! I'm sure if you do that, this thing will be showroom quality again!

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    Free chair but needs reupholstering (Tyler)

    Just a little TLC is all this thing needs - just a little reupholstering, says the ad! This thing is definitely in need of that to get rid of the giant sweat stain on the back of the chair! Where was this thing? In the mechanics shop of a car dealership?!

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    Free bushes & shrubs (whitehouse)

    This is the ultimate in spring cleaning! When you want a fresh start and you want to be ecofriendly and recyle, just have someone come pull up the shrubs and bushes from the flower bed around your home! Let's hope the roots don't go too far up under your foundation!

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    Skeeter 200 DX 20 Foot Dual Console Boat Hull No Papers, No trailer (east tx)"

    For those that are looking for a little fixer upper, this boat can be yours for the low, low price of, WAIT, it's Free! Complete with no motor, no trailer, no papers, bad inside but wait, it's solid outside says the ad!