The less you care, the better it is when it comes to karaoke.  And there are at least 5 spots around East Texas this week that will let you show off your mad impersonation skills.

Karaoke looks so easy until you're the one up there on stage and the spotlight is on, right?  I mean, all of our favorite songs sound great when we belt them out at the top of our lungs in the shower, or as stress relievers in the car, but once we get on stage and hear ourselves in the monitors it can be another story entirely.  Steven Tyler makes singing look easy, so maybe we need leather pants and a scarf on the mic to get closer to being legit.

The karaoke singers that have the most success are always those that seem to care the least.  If you can let go and let 'er rip, you'll be an instant karaoke hit and the crowd will love you, especially if everyone is about three drinks in.

Karaoke happens almost every night somewhere in East Texas because we are fun people, and here are a few spots that we can hit this week.

Nikola Duza on Unsplash
Nikola Duza on Unsplash

5 Places for Some Unforgettable Karaoke This Week in East Texas

1.  Karaoke Night at Times Square Cinema - Wednesday, November 3rd from 6 to 9 PM.  They also have after-hours karaoke from 9 PM to midnight for an even wilder time.

2.  Karaoke with Billie Jo at TX Music City Grill in Lindale - Wednesday, November 3rd from 7 to 10 PM.  This is a spot that's supportive of new artists, and it could be your big break.

3. Karaoke Every Wednesday at Country River Club in Tyler - Wednesday, November 3rd from 8 to 10 PM. A great place to test your skills and have a blast in a laid-back environment.

4.  Karaoke with Dudley Calhoun at Brisket Love & Icehouse in Lindale - Thursday, November 4th from 8 to 10 PM.  Another laid-back spot where you'll probably make a new friend while you're hanging out.

5.  Thursty Thursday Karaoke at Republic Icehouse in Tyler - Thursday, November 4th from 8 to 11 PM, with food and drink specials all night long, with Texas-made beers and spirits.

Many of these spots host karaoke nights all week long, so if you want to shock your squad with your hidden vocal talent and ability to own the room, you will find a place in East Texas.  We'll watch for your pics.

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