Getting up every morning and heading to our place of employment in Texas is what we have to do to afford what we need in life. Yes, it sucks, but it is what we have to do. However, for those of us that have a good job with a good boss, it sucks a lot less. Unfortunately, some jobs have that boss that is absolutely awful to work under. They may show favoritism to a particular employee, they may be extremely harsh to all employees or they may do some things that are illegal under labor laws.

Every Job Has a Bad Boss

I work in the broadcasting industry. It is a fun job that I can enjoy coming to every morning. Yes, we can have those days where the creative juices just aren't flowing or something doesn't go our way but I have a great boss who can help me, and us, get through those rough days. That's not brown nosing, by the way, he really is a good boss.

There are some bad bosses in this industry, too. I don't work under them, thankfully, but, for example, they can be harsh to the creative talent simply because their creativity isn't the same as theirs. That doesn't work in this industry, a boss has to allow that creativity to come out so we can be entertaining to you whether on air or reading our stories on our website.

Illegal Things Your Boss Could Do

While your boss does have some authority, there are things they could do that are actually illegal. For example, if you and a coworker discuss how much each of you make around the water cooler, it is illegal for your boss to discipline either of you for it. Another example is if you complain about your job on your social media platforms or in a face to face conversation with a friend, it is illegal for your boss to discipline you for that.

Those examples above are two of the six things your boss could do that are illegal that you can see below:

If Your Boss Does 1 of These 6 Things, They're Breaking the Law in Texas

We need a job to earn a wage to afford the things we need in life. Sometimes, bosses can get overzealous with their authority and break the law.

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