Play enough basketball, and eventually you're bound to wind up on either end of a buzzer-beater -- whether it's the agony of defeat or the ecstasy of victory often depends more on Lady Luck than anything else. But for one team in the Kansas Mid-East eighth-grade boys basketball league, a whole new kind of devastating ending just got written.

With just a few seconds left in a tournament game, the Riley County Falcons (dressed in white) were up, 26-25, over the Rock Creek Mustangs (black). Rock Creek inbounded the ball, their guard drove down the lane and threw up a last-second attempt off the glass, which bounced, hit the rim and ... just stayed there. Sitting on the rim, perfectly still. Wait, what?

The rules call for a jump ball in this scenario, but with no time left on the clock, it was game over. The Falcons went home victorious, the Mustangs slumped off the court to think about what they had done to deserve such a bitter lesson.