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Another East Texas weekend is upon us and I'm sure the question is going to come up, if it hasn't already, "what are we going to do this weekend?" There are plenty of activities and events taking place this weekend throughout East Texas.

Looking at the forecast, it appears as if the weather's not going to be an issue at all. Sunny and a bit humid, but hey, it's still summer. Now Saturday afternoon the eastern portion of East Texas could be dodging some showers but that's about it for this weekend. Fall is less than 14 days away! Now about this weekend.

The biggest thing happening this weekend is in Longview with the opening of the Gregg County Fair Friday night. In addition to getting your fill of 'calorie-free' fair food and riding all the rides your heart and body can take thanks to the unlimited rides armband, this weekend will also mark another anniversary of 9-11. There will be a 9-11 car show in Tyler Saturday with other events happening in Canton, Henderson, downtown Tyler and at Lake Tyler.

Here's a look at this weekend's events (click on any header for complete event details):

Whatever you do this weekend, just get out there and enjoy yourself and if that means eating three corndogs, a bag of cotton candy, a turkey leg, a funnel cake and having a refreshing fresh squeezed lemonade at the Gregg County Fair, do me a favor, after you eat all of that stay off of the Starship, Zero Gravity and Zipper! Have a fantastic weekend y'all.

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