We just thought we had discovered every dinosaur on Earth. A new dinosaur has been discovered in West Texas during a recent dig according to kwtx.com.

Imagine a horny toad that has been crossed with an armadillo with a boney club on the end of its tail for good measure. Kinda scary, right? Well, not entirely. This dinosaur is a four legged herdivore (plant eater) that could grow to as long as 18 feet.

The fossil was discovered by paleontologist Andre Lujan who also runs the "Texas Through Time" museum in Hillsboro, Texas. He's pretty excited about it. "Its the most complete, southernmost ankylosaur ever discovered in the United States. And also it is the most complete ankylosaur from north of the Mexican border where we discovered ours to the tip of South America," Lujan told KWTX.

The next step is to create a rendering of what the dinosaur actually looked like. He is currently looking for funding as this can get very expensive. They also need to continue the dig to find more fossils.

This is pretty cool. We'll keep an eye on this as best we can and hopefully provide some updates as best we can.

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