What started as a Facebook joke while we were locked down last year, turned into a huge "brawl" in Nebraska on Saturday to name the one, true Josh. It was an event of silliness, smiles and laughter and even benefited the local food bank. #joshfight was a huge success.

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Last year while we were all locked down, Josh Swain from Tucson, Arizona, put out the challenge to other Josh's to determine who the ultimate Josh Swain was (AP News). This challenge turned into the "Josh Fight" in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday. Hundreds of Josh's showed up ready to battle for the title of the one, true Josh.

The "brawl" started with an intense triple round of rock, paper, scissors between the Josh Swain who started the craze versus another Josh Swain from Omaha, Nebraska. Tucson's Josh Swain won which gave him the title of the true Josh Swain.

From there, the Josh's picked up their pool noodles and the epic "brawl" ensued. It was every Josh for himself to determine the ultimate Josh. It was an intense battle amongst the hundreds that were there. Once the battle ended, many Josh's laid on the battlefield defeated. As the dust settled, 5 year old Josh Vincent, Jr. of Lincoln, Nebraska, also known as Little Josh, took home the Josh trophy and was crowned with a Burger King crown.

KMTV 3 News Now via YouTube
KMTV 3 News Now via YouTube

The event also was used to raise money for the Children's Hospital and Medical Center and the Lincoln Food Bank. All we hear is the bad that has come out of this pandemic. We need more moments of this silliness like this to bring a smile to our face.

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