Many people like to visit Texas. Some actually think that we still travel by horse and tumbleweeds roll through our towns on a daily basis. Oh wait, that's West Texas.

But I digress.

We welcome anyone to visit our great state. However, we do ask that you learn certain things before visiting. Like how to pronounce certain cities correctly or just accept that we will say "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" or learn that we can take a joke but when you start getting disrespectful, we will rightfully call you out for it.

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Out of State Visitors

So a family from Nebraska was traveling through our great state. We can only assume that this family was told that one stop you have to make before leaving is to Buc-ee's. For anyone who has never been, it is an almost overwhelming experience. It's a gas station for crying out loud but it's a gas station full of awesomeness and restrooms you can dine in.

This woman made a couple of key errors, however. First, she mispronounced Buc-ee's. We all know it's Buck Ee's, she pronounced as Buce Ee's (think of Bruce but without the r) and she called Buc-ee's beloved beaver mascot a gopher.

Bless your heart - Every Texan watching this

Prepare to cringe while listening to this video: First trip to Buc-ee’s #bucees #buceeseverything #buceesvibes #texas #everythingsbiggerintexas ♬ Oldies - Almighty Blessing

The comments on the video are absolute gold as well: via TikTok via TikTok
loading... via TikTok via TikTok
loading... via TikTok via TikTok
loading... via TikTok via TikTok
loading... via TikTok via TikTok
loading... via TikTok via TikTok

One Houston TikToker replied to this video with a very simple, yet very effective, reply:

@kennyblack1987 #stitch with @crazylifeofash what did I just hear? #dallas #austin #houston #texas #buccees #notokay ♬ Oldies - Almighty Blessing

We Can Take a Joke But This is Just Bad

Here's the problem with all this, this woman is doing all of this on purpose. We Texans can take a joke but what this woman is trying to do is not funny. For instance, her take on Whataburger. What-a-burger??? #whataburger #whataburgerislife #whataburgercheck #texas #texascheck #everythingsbiggerintexas ♬ original sound - Crazy Life Of Ash

Then there's this trip to H-E-B: Let’s visit HEB #DealGuesser #MyAncestryStory #heb #hebtexas #texas #texascheck #triggeringtexans #cringy ♬ original sound - Crazy Life Of Ash

Oh, and her second take on Whataburger will make you want to throw your phone: Reply to @g_lo707 Reply to @g_lo707 udt my opinion #innout #innoutburger #whataburger #triggerwarning ♬ original sound - Crazy Life Of Ash

To Many "You're So Funny" Compliments

I'm all for a good comedian. I'm all for a comedian making fun of something or someone. Here's the thing, a comedian isn't being malice or disrespectful. This woman has been fed too many "you're so funny" compliments from her friends when she really isn't. I don't know what you were trying to accomplish here ma'am but it didn't work and it is not funny.

Nice try lady but you failed, miserably, at your "comedy" bit on TikTok.

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