What do you get when you cross a dude wanting to report a crime with a dude who tries to hide cocaine at a police station? You get this Dumb Crook of the Week.

Thomas Hartman, the man in the video, went to the police to report his cousin had robbed him of cash and a phone according to abcnews.go.com.

Turns out, he was lying. Go figure.

To make matters worse. His 17 year old girlfriend is in another room spilling the beans about him using her to perform sexual favors for other people for money.

Lying to cops. Sex trafficking. What other charges can he add to his visit?

Hartman decides to put a chair on the table in the interview room, open a ceiling tile and put a bag of cocaine in the ceiling.

You're in a police interview room. You will be videotaped. Guess he thought his charming personality would stop them from hitting record.

The interviewing officer returned to the room and searched the ceiling but didn't find the bag of drugs. He knocked it to the floor without seeing it. Another officer discovered it later while straightening up the room.

Hartman was booked for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and false reporting. No word on the sex trafficking allegation.

If criminals were smart, they wouldn't get caught. Which explains why 99% of them get caught.

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