Now, I'll be honest. Even though I was a theatre major in college and spent lots of time on-stage, I've always had a special respect for those who could do improv, or improvisation. Improv isn't just helpful for being on-stage. It can have a positive effect in other areas of your life, too. It can also help you hone your sense of humor--which is great for stand up comedians, but also doesn't hurt your professional or personal life either.

Improv can also help you "improve [your] listening skills, learn to react truthfully and to trust [your] instincts. The basis of the class is built on the principle of "yes and" while learning to establish a base reality at the beginning of a scene to provide an environment where the 'truth in comedy' can then be explored."

It's a one-day workshop coming up on Saturday, September 7, from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. The focus will be on learning the basics of improv comedy and is designed for those seventeen years of age or older. Whether you're a working or aspiring actor, a business pro working to overcome your shyness, or just want to learn how to make people laugh, get more info here.

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