If you're like most East Texans, by the time Christmas arrives you never want to shop again. You have a knee-jerk rage when you think about dealing with Broadway traffic. Then, for some inexplicable reason, that changes.

Suddenly, you realize you could be missing out on a deal. Some items you use really are at their rock-bottom prices. Here are guidelines for what to buy and what to skip going into 2019.

Buy On Sale After Christmas

Buying these items will most likely save you money.

Seasonal Items You Use Every Year

If you give gifts, you probably use wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons and tissue paper every year. The good stuff is expensive if you buy it in November. Get it now and you'll cut your wrapping cost.

The same goes for holiday cards. In Tyler and Longview, stock gets picked over pretty quickly, so if you see something you like you'd better grab it before it's gone.

Holiday candles, air freshener and wax melts will smell just as strong next year. You may be getting tired of smelling pumpkin spice and evergreen, but you'll want it again later. Go ahead and add that to your cart.

Exercise Equipment and Clothing

You'll feel better going to the gym to work off holiday pounds if you have new clothes. If you're starting a new routine at home, now is a good time to splurge on that treadmill, bike or weight bench. Right after Christmas through the first of the year, retailers typically offer their lowest prices on these items.

Video Games and Electronics

Retailers reason what didn't sell before Christmas isn't going to after, since those are luxury items. Get to Best Buy and look at all the games and electronics that were on your list and see if what you didn't get is at a more attractive price.

A New Car

You may have heard the best time of the month to buy a new car is at the end. That's because dealerships are trying to make monthly sales goals. As the end of December nears, that's times 12. They're trying to meet annual goals as well. Typically you'll get the best deal on a new car before January 1.

Skip These Products

When you're holiday shopping, walk away from these unless you're sure it's a steal.

Those Food Baskets At the Mall

You know those packages with salami, cheese, fancy mustard etc.? They won't be good to give next year. Unless you plan on serving them at your New Year's Eve bash or you're making a late trip to celebrate Christmas with out of town relatives, don't buy them.


Retailers typically offer televisions for the lowest price of the year right around the Super Bowl. Hold off just a little bit.

Outdoor Furniture and Grills

Home Depot and Lowe's have some items left over from last year and they're usually on sale. If it's on clearance and exactly what you want it's okay to buy it. However, around Labor Day most places offer huge sales with a much wider selection. Again, you'll be better off waiting.

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