Last week, UT students in Austin took a stand against the controversial "campus carry" law with a sex toy protest nick-named "Cocks Not Glocks".

One week later, a Frisco man has posted a video, titled "Never Met Her", to YouTube and now the protest organizers are calling foul, insisting that the short film specifically targets them by name.

Warning: The Video Features Graphic Imagery and Language

In the video, a young woman returns from the sex-toy themed protest and enjoys watching news coverage of the event.  She then receives a phone call from someone named Rosie Zander  (one of the real-life organizers of the protest).  Shortly after, a black man enters her apartment.  The woman attempts to fend off the robber with a large sex toy but is promptly shot in the head.

Ana Lopez who, along with Zander, staged the protest event says that the main character in the video is meant to depict her.

The film was produced by Brett Saunders and he told the Dallas Morning News, "The entire point of my video was to drive home the fact that the anti-gun protesters are actually a threat to their own lives.  Violent criminals do roam the streets and will always seek the path of least resistance. So, if you are threatening to disarm me or others, then you are actually threatening all of our lives."

Lopez says that the video was choreographed by a man goes by the username Murdoch Pizgatti.  She says that he posted it to social media along with a message that read:

"A prominent member of Cocks not Glocks was murdered by senseless gun violence. My condolences to Rosie Zander for losing her best friend."

"I felt frantic and targeted. I knew that this was much more than a little 'gun nut' joke," Lopez said. "This was sinister, threatening and dangerous."

Lopez has contacted the university police department about the video and the accompanying messages.  UT spokespersons said that they had only now become aware of the video and were investigating.

"When rabid gun fanatics can't win an argument, they resort to threats and publicly daydreaming and laughing about the rape and murder of their detractors," Jessica Jin, a UT alumna who thought up the sex toys protest, posted on Facebook. "They apparently can't wait for it to happen, because today they used the likeness of our activists to play out these murder fantasies in a violent video, to try to scare us into silence."

Saunders says that the video is not meant to portray anyone in particular and says that he's never heard of Lopez.

"If anyone is threatened by the content of a YouTube video in and of itself," he says. "I would say they are completely detached from reality."

Campus carry took effect in time for classes at campuses throughout Texas this Fall.

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