We've talked time and time again about the Texas power grid. Concern has always been growing about the power grid and how if it is able to handle the Texas summer. As temps rise, and demand for ways to cool off grow, many Texans still wonder how the grid will hold up.

It's not just the heat however, the winter has also been an area where Texans wonder if the heat will stay on. While power bills in the state are reported to being down in 2023 due to a better summer forecast, temps have still hit record levels. Which of course, brings back the original question posed: How will the Texas power grid handle the heat?

With multiple solutions proposed, one unusual one has made it to the forefront. Could AI be on the one thing that may be able to assist the Texas power woes?

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AI Assisting The Lone Star State With Power Consumption?

According to Investorplace, AI could help the state in it's quest of figuring out how to handle it's power issues. Help could come in various forms, from the AI being able to forecast the amount of power needed, and even have backup power in case demand becomes too great.

Other areas also affected would the be the pricing of the power, which would adjust accordingly. Investorplace also said AI power grids are coming soon, but when those will happen remains a mystery.

Would you be in favor or against an AI power grid? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app using the chat feature!

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