Is the Texas power grid under attack by would-be hackers originating from Russia?

It may be tempting to see the attack on Ukraine as not having too much of an effect on us here in East Texas. However, we're definitely seeing some evidence that is not the case.

Although they're remaining somewhat hush-hush about the threat, ABC13 out of Houston, Texas reports "state regulators and energy companies - from utilities to oil and gas transportation hubs to their associated vendors - said they have been aware of the elevated Russian cyber threats since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month."

According to intelligence, what is the goal in mind for these hackers were they to succeed?

It is believed that these "Russian hackers" are trying to breach the security of our Texas' energy infrastructure in an effort to find "weak points in digital systems" which would make it possible for them to not only wreak havoc on the grid's operations but also enable them to gather the information that would be considered sensitive. ABC13 says this info comes from "interviews with energy companies, state officials, and cybersecurity experts."

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The Dallas Morning News reports that "utility companies and key oil and gas transportation hubs are on high alert."

Even the White House has openly warned: "the White House has 'evolving intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks' — the administration’s starkest warning yet," according to Dallas Morning News.

If Russian hackers were to succeed, what kind of "worst-case scenarios" are we anticipating?

If their malevolent intentions came to pass and the Texas power grid system was breached, it could mean electricity could be interrupted for many, many Texans. It could potentially cause a delay or a stop of shipments from our seaports of gas and oil. There are other potential dangers, as well.

The Russian attack on Ukraine is happening thousands of miles away, sure. But it could feel a whole closer to home.

This story continues to develop.

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