Rita Ballou joins the RTX Crew each week for All the Dirt in Red Dirt and this is what she had for us on last week’s episode of Radio Texas Live. Rita and I re-enact Miranda Lambert's SVU appearance, we talk about the Texas base band that was up for a Grammy and about Granger Smith's brand new LIVE album out now, plus more! And I realize I am once again extremely late posting last week's Dirt so some of the news isn't really news anymore but let's get into it anyway.

Rita gotta new web design

RawhideandVelvet.com has a new look. Rita says she was going for a cross between a Tiffany's box and and old time-y western w _ _ _ _ house, Rita you can't say that on the radio!

reckless kelly had a valentines contest and were at the grammy's

In news that is no longer news, Reckless Kelly missed out on winning their first Grammy and their Valentines contest is also over now too, but it wasn't when this aired.

We also discuss the trrma's

But that's more old news, voting ended Saturday. Thanks for the love and support y'all! Results will be announced March 25th and The 2nd Annual Texas Regional Radio Music Awards show.

Hear the dirt here

granger smith's gotta new live album

"Live at The Chicken" which was recorded live last November at The Dixie Chicken is out now. Click here to download it on iTunes.

rita and buddy reenact miranda lambert's "svu" scene

You probably know that Miranda Lambert made her prime time television debut last week on Law and Order: SVU, well we decided to reenact one of her scenes and I think we did good. Take a listen to The Dirt to hear it. If you think we didn't get it spot on, I've included her entire episode so you can see for yourself you're wrong. The scene we did starts about 9 minutes in.

Hear the dirt here