By now you've heard of Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, and Amazon's entire line of smart home devices. You can even play our radio station on Alexa! She's known for knowing and how to do pretty much everything.

While Amazon has done well showing people how to use Alexa, I find many of my friends here in the south struggle a little more. Sketch comedy troupe A Southern Thing has takes cares of that with this video called 'Amazon Echo for Southerners'.

The burlap and lace is the epitome of decor in the south, and she takes on phrases like "Excuse me young lady" and "gully-washer". Southern Alexa also doesn't understand when you ask her to add biscuits to the grocery list, you mean canned biscuits. She simply replies, 'Did someone steal all your mixin' bowls?'.

She'll also keep your kids in line by making sure they say please and thank you.

Southern Alexa is also available in barn wood with monogram sold separately. I know that this version of Alexa would fit right on in with my Texas household.

You may recognize a few of the people in this video because we also shared their other hilarious video called "The Unsweetening" (HINT: it involves unsweet tea...EW!)


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