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On Wednesday night, America was treated to a mostly civil, fairly mid-tempo Vice Presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence

The topics ranged from the economy to Covid-19 to...........zzzzzz. Heck, I actually changed channels and started watching something more exciting: The Joy of Painting With Bob Ross.

But one thing that no one missed and is now the talk of the debate is the fly that landed on the Vice President Pence's head.

For all to see.

Say what you will, but it added more excitement than this debate truly deserved. And, as usual, the internet had a field day with it.

The Fly now has at least two Twitter accounts with thousands of followers, with commenters wondering if the fly has been tested for COVID-19, etc. Heck, even I got into the act with the comment: "Pretty Fly on a White Guy." Nice little play on words, don't you agree?

However, one must wonder, if we are truly going to have fun with this: does the fly have his own party playlist? Oh, we do. And we expect it would be something like this:

Yes, "Fly" by Sugar Ray. It would probably "BEE" his anthem! (HAHAHAHA!)

Perhaps the fly is in need of some escape. Therefore, this Lenny Kravitz hit from the late 90s:


Or, maybe the fly is in a mellow mood:

Even the Vice Presidential fly MUST be a fan of the Chairman of the Board.

Or he's buzzing along to the song that brought my pointless pun:

Everyone has their own choices, so feel free to share yours in the comments.

Now, back to Bob Ross. He's a gangsta.

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