Every city or town has a scary ghost story or urban legend to tell. Whether its "Candyman" or "Bloody Mary", in my travels across the many cities and blocks of the world, you will hear a story about a mysterious entity "snatching kids" and doing other weird stuff despite the fact that almost everyone who tells the tale has never actually seen these things happen.

While most of these things are figments of our childhood imaginations most of these stories stick with us even into adulthood for some reason. Hell, I still won't go into a bathroom and yell "Bloody Mary" because....well I just ain't gone do it and neither will you even though:

Anyway, this story is about an urban legend here in Tyler that caused a wild debate between residents over the weekend that had me totally fascinated. This is the story of "The Sheep Lady Of Tyler"

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According to the story as it was told to me, The Sheep Lady was believed to be a woman who was "half-human and half-sheep" who would lurk in the woods of Tyler. Now some residents debate that you can "summon" the sheep lady if you're outside and you call her name 3 times after dark, just like the Candyman. Others said that if you were a kid and you caught in the woods or out in the streets after a certain time, "The Sheep Lady" could kidnap you and take you back to the woods with her.

Again, let me reiterate that this is how the story was TOLD TO ME and I'm recalling this from the best of my memory. Now, after the story was told to me (and after I had to catch my breath from laughing) a debate began to rage on where exactly in the city did the Sheep Lady terrorize? And it was SPIRITED!

We were having this conversation in Woldert Park in North Tyler at the time and according to residents there, "The Sheep Lady" would come from the woods next to the park and scare everyone. But residents of West Tyler argue that "The Sheep Lady" ran around the Peach Avenue Park area.

Let me reiterate again, no one that I spoke to confirmed every actually seeing the "Sheep Lady" or heard of anyone being a "victim" of the Sheep Lady but everyone I talked to believes in her existence, they just can't agree on WHERE.

So what say you? Where did the urban legend of The Sheep Lady begin in Tyler?

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