I'm one of those weirdos who is not afraid of clowns. And to honest, I do not understand why people are afraid of them.

Some have said that the movie "It" made them afraid. I don't understand this argument, either, as the original "It" movie was dumb and horrible and not scary at all. Stephen King's book, however, is fantastic and very scary. I have seen neither of the new "It" films. I can't imagine either are that scary. One day I'll check 'em out.

But I digress.

Hurts Donuts in Frisco is offering a fun and creepy delivery service for their donuts this October, a scary clown drops them off.

I, personally, would get a kick out of this. If a sweet treat shop in East Texas would deliver using a scary clown, I'd order a dozen for the station.

Just some good ol fashioned scary fun for the haunted month. Happy Halloween freaks and geeks.

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