Around 4:30 in the morning on Wednesday, October 18, a customer had just finished checking out with his purchases at a Chevron convenience store in Yuma--a town in Southern Arizona.

As you'll see in the surveillance video below, he was chatting with the clerk when three would-be robbers walked in with ill intentions. Their faces were covered.

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At least one of them was carrying a firearm. ABC 15 reports that upon entering, one of the culprits pointed the gun toward the cashier. Although to us, they also could've been pointing the gun at the customer, perhaps in an effort to subdue him.

Let's just say the result was probably NOT what the three would-be robbers were expecting.

The customer decidedly did NOT back down, but rather acted immediately to rebuff the gun-bearing suspect in mere seconds, sabotaging what would've been an armed robbery of the store.

The other two suspects fled the store. But the former marine was able to keep the suspect who pointed the gun detained at the store until the authorities could arrive on the scene.

Something else the would-be robbers couldn't have possibly known? That "customer" also just so happened to be a former U.S. Marine.

ABC15 reports that "when asked how he was able to control the situation, the customer reportedly told deputies, 'The Marine Corp taught me not to [mess] around."'

After the Yuma County Sheriff's Deputies arrived, "the suspect was taken to Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center and booked on charges including armed robbery and aggravated assault."

Respect, sir. A hero for his efforts abroad. And now a hero for his efforts right here at home. 

I feel certain that if a similar situation were to occur right here in East Texas, any former or current military member would likely do the same. We are so grateful for our military--both past and present.

Thank you for intervening in times of crisis--wherever you happen to be.

Here's that video for you---->

Again---to all of our military members both past and present--thank you for your courage.

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