A new piece of tech jewelry has landed on the market, and forced me to ask, 'Are we too connected?'

Ringly is a piece of jewelry that connects to your smart phone via blue tooth, and that vibrates or lights up when you receive notifications. Why is this necessary? Many women, myself included, are notorious for leaving their phone buried in their purse, and sometimes miss important calls and reminders. This product alerts the wearer to check their phone.

It's no match for the Apple Watch, which has loads more functionality, but this piece of jewelry could help you catch that important business call if your phone is buried at the bottom of your handbag.

My question is, aren't we doing that enough already? I'm more attached to my iPhone 6 than I am to just about anything else I own. Like most people it contains valuable contacts and information that I like to have at my fingertips.

My fear is that we are all too connected as it is. Personally I find the rings attractive, and my initial reaction was positive. I thought about ordering one, and then I realized that my phone was sitting next to my keyboard, and it distracts me too much already.

Each time the screen lights up, or I hear the slightest vibration I react like Pavlov's dog. I immediately look at my phone. Most often it's just a reminder from my daily to do list, and I'm already knocking out the current task that's flashing on the screen, but I stop and look anyway.

The product is cool, but sometimes I like disconnecting? What do you think - are we too connected?

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