As we make our way through the summer months, questions regarding the upcoming school year are starting to surface. What are we going to do in the fall?

Some districts have talked about requiring kids to wear masks and reducing class size. Some have suggested alternating days where kids will switch between in-class and distance learning.

Amarillo ISD has a survey they have released along with a video detailing their options for parents. The video update suggests leaving it up to parents to send their children to school or keep them home to do distance learning.

It sounds like if you choose distance learning, it's not going to be easy. Of course, there will be those pesky state assessment tests that we all look forward to. That means if your kid stays home, you're going need to be heavily involved in making sure school work is done and that your student is keeping up.

If children do go back to school, what is that going to be like? Are masks going to be on the school supplies list this year? Am I really expecting my first grader to wear a mask all day while they're at school?

Will there be temperature checks? What is the policy going to be on illness? Kids get sent to school all the time with coughs and runny noses. Are our schools going to be hypersensitive to that? Do I need to be on standby to pick my kid up at a moments notice in case he starts looking under the weather?

As a parent, I still have a lot of questions. It isn't necessarily because I'm afraid my kid is going to bring Covid-19 home to my newborn, but because I just want to make sure there is some page we can all be on.

Hopefully that happens soon. I expect there will be a lot of updates in the near future regarding the upcoming school year. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates from your student's school.

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