It has been an absolute blast following the "storm Area 51" craze. Over a million people have said they will attend the bogus Facebook event. This event started as a complete joke between a Facebook page and a Twitch streamer according to

It's turned into a joke laden, with a few people believing it to be a hundred percent true, phenomenon. I have one friend who has said they are "going" to the event. I may end up marking myself as going just to say that I did.

However, the thought of black helicopters hovering outside of my apartment has crossed my mind. Maybe the aliens set this event up to take us away. I wonder if they would bring Elvis back?

The questions could go on forever.

One of the other great moments of this craze has been the hilarious memes that have popped up online. I decided to compile some of the best ones below for your amusement.

Now, Let's see them aliens!!

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