Have you recently received an ominous message on Facebook about some hacker? I did last night. Well, welcome to the Internet where hoaxes are born, die and then come back to haunt us time and time again.

The latest - according to multiple sources including BBC News and Huffington Post -  is a new version of an old Facebook hoax that now has your Facebook friends sharing a message about a 'hacker' named Jayden K. Smith. The message basically says don't friend him or else he'll have access to your information.

Two things:

  1. What are you doing 'friending' someone you don't know? Even if they're not a hacker, they can still get some pretty personal stuff from your page.
  2. A hacker wouldn't need to be your friend in order to gain your info.

It's not just on Facebook either, according to BBC. Twitter has also had about 4,000 retweets.

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