For the most part getting arrested is not something that people plan on doing, or something to look forward to but it happened to 12 people this past weekend according to the good people working law enforcement in Anderson County, Texas. There is an arrest log that is distributed daily and most times the list involves some people arrested for drugs, drinking and driving, or assault. But this past weekend there were multiple people arrested for more unusual reasons.  

As you scroll down you will see a list of all 12 people that were arrested over this past weekend (Friday, September 16th – Sunday, September 18th). We have not only the names of those arrested but also the charges they are now facing, obviously, every suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  

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What Were the Strange Reasons Why Some People Were Arrested This Past Weekend in Anderson County, Texas? 

It was strange to see people arrested on Friday and Sunday for attempting to bring prohibited substances into a correctional facility. I’m shocked that anyone would attempt to do that, it seems like that is done on TV but does someone really think they can sneak something into jail? It seems like common sense would tell people to not even try to do something like that but multiple people tried and got caught. 

There Were Also People Caught Bail Jumping in Anderson County, Texas This Weekend 

Over the weekend there were two people caught trying to jump bail on felony charges, pretty serious crimes. They will now be facing the judge and law enforcement will keep a closer eye on them, that is certain.  

Here is a look at everyone arrested in Anderson County, TX this past weekend. 

12 Arrested in Anderson County, Tx Over the Weekend (Sept 16th-18th)

Here is a list of people arrested over this past weekend in Anderson County, Texas.

DWI Is Still A Huge Problem, 17 Arrested This Week In Gregg & Smith Co. Texas

These East Texans were arrested in Smith County and Gregg County for driving while intoxicated from June 13th - 16th.

45 Arrested In Gregg Co. For DWI, Family Violence, Possession And More

Criminals do not take the weekend off. Those who drink and drive do not take the weekend off. Those who get upset and take their anger out on family members do not take the weekend off. Because of those incidents and others, Gregg County law enforcement was kept busy last weekend.

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