Craft brewing has blown up across the country over the last several years. Even in East Texas, you can find great craft beer at places like True Vine and East Texas Brewing Company in Tyler or Oil Horse Brewing Company in Longview, among many others. Well now, Texas is home to the number one craft beer destination in the world - Austin.

This designation comes from They gave their list of "The World’s Top 10 Beer Destinations for 2019". Austin beat out cities like Paris, France, Tokyo, Japan, Berlin, Germany and Seattle, Washington.

To me, there were some head scratchers on this list. Los Angeles came in at number five. Los Angeles doesn't scream craft beer to me. San Francisco, yes, but not L.A.

Tokyo, Japan was a surprise entry, too. Japan is more known for tech giants than anything else.

But hey, who cares. Texas is number one yet again for something as Texas should be. Cheers my friends and I'll see you with some brews.

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