Around 2:45 P.M. Wednesday, Lindale Police were called to Walmart in response to two men and two women allegedly stealing baby formula.

The suspects fled the scene in an SUV.

Lindale Police did capture one suspect, Ariel Franco, and will charge him with engaging in organized criminal activity and evading arrest.

The remaining male suspect and two female suspects are still at large.

Police said that the suspects have done this before. In October of 2015, surveillance video showed them taking baby formula using a cart and infant carrier.

"This is a ring, it's thousands and thousands of dollars worth of baby formula," Chad McElyea of the Lindale Police Department told KLTV.

"Yeah, we had evidence to where they've hit two businesses in Smith County today already. And it's organized criminal activity. The offense today was a felony and we're hoping to get them identified; the sooner we can get them identified, the sooner we can stop this," says McElyea.